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June 3, 2024  

Special Education Updates


May 30, 2024  

Fair Labor Laws


February 29, 2024  

Effectively Monitoring Special Education Programs in our School Districts


November 9, 2023  

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Our Schools


October 12, 2023  

Enhancing Career Technical Education Opportunities in our High Schools


March 30, 2023  

Modified School Calendar

Webinar #7

February 9, 2023  

K-12 Education and its Impact on Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development

Webinar #4

November 10, 2022 Bobby Richardson

Mississippi Department of Education
Special Education


October 13, 2022 Shelly Hollis

Development and Implementation of the K-12 Computer Science Initiative



September 30, 2021 Bill Burns

MASS Financial Wellness Webinar

March 26, 2021 Jim Young & Bonnie Granger

Practical Ideas for Using ESSER Funds
Complying with Federal Laws and Regulations

Webinar #13
August 25, 2020 Jim Keith & Adam Griffin

Mississippi's Equity in Distance Learning Act
SB #3044

Webinar #12
June 17, 2020 Brian Freeman, Wayne Rodolfich, Robert Picou & Jim Keith

How will your district provide instruction and support this fall?

Webinar #11
June 10, 2020 Checky Herrington & Andrea Williams

Communicating in the new reality.

Webinar #10
June 3, 2020 Stephanie C. Palmertree

The State Auditor's Office will be discussing contractual obligations, CARES purchasing, governance, ADA and alternate schedules.

Webinar #9
May 27, 2020 Don Hinton

Mississippi High School Activity Association will be going over safety, summer practice/play, finances, fall sports and activities.

Webinar #8
May 20, 2020 Senator Briggs Hopson

Learn more about federal COVID-19 funds, revenue sources and funding projections.

Webinar #7
May 13, 2020 Scholastic

Create a summer plan to ensure students are ready for fall.

Webinar #6
May 6, 2020 Jim Keith

In focusing on the economics of getting back to businesses, most educators have not considered what an actual return in the “COVID-19 world” will look like —not to mention the legal implications of state and federal employment laws.

Webinar #5
April 30, 2020 Jim Young

The global health crisis has brought much of the American economy to a halt and will, in all likelihood, leave Mississippi educators doing something they haven’t had to do in years: drafting a budget that assumes they’re headed for a financial fall.

Webinar #3

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