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It’s an encouraging sign that teacher pay is a top issue for the Mississippi Legislature as the 2022 session opens.

There appears to be widespread recognition among our elected officials that teachers have been at the forefront of the pandemic crisis and have gone above and beyond – in many cases, far beyond – to prevent students from falling behind in their educational journeys.

Amidst the ongoing pressures, uncertainties and ever-changing conditions faced by our public schools, it’s no surprise that teacher morale has taken a hit. Our schools are at a breaking point. The decisions that legislators make, or don’t make, will be crucial in Mississippi’s efforts to recruit and retain a quality teacher workforce to lead our schools into the future.

We’ve told teachers to hang in there – that the crisis can’t last forever. In the meantime, we can’t keep pushing people past their limits and expect them to sustain this pace much longer. Our teachers deserve a helping hand, and right now, increasing their pay is the right thing to do.

So far, the momentum for raising teacher pay has been fueled by bipartisan support. We at MASS are hopeful that the Legislature will do the right thing and follow through on their commitment to build a better future for Mississippi by focusing on the professionals who are responsible for educating our children.


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Executive Director



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